Today’s chapter of Balanced included a list of things to do to make today amazing. The challenge is for me to pick one and try it out.

The one I picked was, “Relax in your favorite part of your house for ten minutes today and thank God for what He’s provided.”

I always said that I wanted a view of the water from my house. Of course, when I said that, I was envisioning a view of the ocean! When we first moved into our current home, I realized something…


This is the view from my kitchen window. God gave me my view of the water!

Right now, that little pond is covered with snow and ice, but I took the time to look out the window anyway. So many things about my life today are not what I had imagined, but I can see God’s fingerprints on everything. He’s taken care of the big things, and still seen fit to grant me countless small things as well. That thought is at once encouraging and convicting! Encouraging because it reminds me that I’m not alone, and I don’t have to try and figure everything out on my own. Convicting because I’m still so reluctant to let go and just trust God.

It reminds me of a particular quote from this chapter:

“How foolish for me to think that I, with my limited knowledge and no concept of what’s coming in the future, could do a better job and figuring out where to spend my time and energy, compared to a holy God. God is wisdom and truth, and He knows not only the past but the future.”

Tricia’s list from this chapter is fabulous! Putting just one of her suggestions into practice today gave me a more thankful attitude, and reminded me that I need to trust God and not rely on myself. I actually like the list so much that I printed it out and taped it on the cabinet I keep my teapots in so that I’ll see it every morning.

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