Today’s chapter discusses how working at home benefits your kids, and how to get them involved in your work!

My kids are already pretty involved in the review side of my work. (I do not get paid to write reviews, but since it is writing I still consider it part of my “job”.) Most of the reviews I write these days are for the Home Educating Family review site. That means I review a lot of curriculum, kids’ books, DVDs, and all sorts of neat things that my kids get to test for me. Whenever a box arrives on our doorstep, they ask if it’s something for me to review! I have to admit, it is pretty fun to watch them trying things out and getting their feedback for my reviews.

Figuring out how to involve them in the other writing that I do is trickier, but I’ve come up with an idea. My daughter has been learning how to proofread this year in Language Arts, so I’m going to have her help me edit some of my shorter pieces. We’ll sit down with red pens, a printout of my article or blog post, and go over it together. She’ll love the idea of being Mom’s editor, and we’ll get to practice some of the skills she’s learned this year.


I’m a dreamer; always have been. I never considered that following my dreams was setting an example for my kids. I love what Tricia has to say about it in Balanced:

“My kids have seen me model what it means to follow one’s dreams. They’ve witnessed me listening to God’s call, setting goals, and putting my rear in the chair to work. My example has fostered inside them a longing to discover God’s dreams for their own lives.”

Not only do I get to show my kids the value of chasing the dream, I get to show them that the hard work that goes into it can be so very rewarding.

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