Today’s chapter of Balanced is good advice for everyone, not just work-at-home moms. It’s got great tips for managing a busy schedule (instead of letting it manage you). My favorite advice from it is this:

“‘Just do what you can’ is being creative in the moment with the time I’ve been given, and it’s amazing how much really gets done in the end!”

I tend to think that things will take much longer than they actually do. That means that I waste a lot of minutes through the day because I just don’t think I can get anything done in a short block of time. Oh how wrong I am!

When I take Little Guy upstairs for his afternoon nap, I can start a load of laundry while I’m upstairs. Later, when I’m trying to think through something for my writing, I can fold the laundry. (If I’m gonna stare at the computer screen lost in thought, I might as well be folding clothes while I do!)


When the kids are busy with their math assignments, I can take a minute to check my e-mail and read a chapter of a book I’m reviewing.

When I let the dog outside, instead of just waiting around for him to be ready to come back in, I can wash the empty mug sitting by the kitchen sink, and the pan from lunch that’s still on the stove.


The checklists I’ve been tweaking and working on during this challenge are helpful with this too. It’s easy to glance at my list and say, “Hey, I can do that right now.” I can’t believe how much I was able to fit in by taking advantage of the extra minutes! It really does add up after all…

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