Today’s chapter in Tricia Goyer’s book, Balanced, gave me a lot to ponder. What has God called me to do? Is writing part of it? I’m really convinced that it is.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. Writing was how I thought something through, processed what had happened, and worked through how I was feeling. We all have stories to tell, and God can use our stories in the most amazing ways.

Last year, I had a piece about miscarriage published on the HEDUA blog. It was nearly 10 years in the making. After my first miscarriage many years ago, a couple of people told me that they thought God would someday use my story to help other women going through the same thing. I pray that someone out there read it and that God touched their heart through it.

There are many reasons why I feel compelled to write, but the one that really burns in my heart is the desire to reach out to people who are hurting and let them know that they are not alone. And even more than that, to share with them the comfort that God has given to me. If I had to pick a verse that sums up why I feel called to write, it would be this:

My favorite quote from today’s chapter of Balanced is this:

“The life we have is the one constructed for us by an all-loving God. It’s not the life, body, health, or circumstances we wish we had. It’s not the perfect life we strive to attain but it’s the life He means for us.”

Things have happened in my life that are not what I would have chosen. Yet, those are the times when God has revealed Himself to truly be the “God of all comfort”. Those are the stories that I most want to tell.

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