Sometimes homeschoolers have a bit of a reputation for being weird. Anyone that saw me digging a hole in my lawn and burying household items back in August probably thought I was a bit odd. But how else would we have our own little archeology dig?

Today was the day that we dug everything up. (Fortunately, I took a photo of everything that I’d buried, so we knew that we had indeed found everything.) Armed with sandbox shovels, a trowel, and old paintbrush, the three older kiddos got to pretend that they were archeologists digging up long-forgotten artifacts. The kids had great fun digging everything up, but were slightly less impressed when they found out that we had to fill the hole back in!

IMG_1098[1]We’re using the Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt for our history this year, and that’s where I got the idea for today’s project. So much of what we know about Ancient Egypt has come from archeological study. Our little backyard dig gave us a taste of what that’s like. The kids learned that they had to be very careful so as not to break anything while digging. Munchkin noted that being an archeologist was hard work too!

IMG_1100[1]We certainly don’t do big projects like this every day, or even every week. But it’s nice to do something special and exciting from time to time. 20 years from now, the kids might not remember who first translated the Rosetta Stone, but I’m pretty sure they’ll remember that time that they were backyard archeologists!

What fun and/or different projects have you been doing lately?