I opened a package of new sock for Little Guy today. It reminded me of Mom. She ALWAYS kept socks on hand for the kids. When they were babies and we visited her she always had the same response when one of them started fussing. She’d say, “It’s because their feet are cold!” Then she’d whip out a pair of socks and put them on the tiny feet. It didn’t matter if it was 70 degrees in the middle of the summer. She always put socks on them.

Now, this isn’t to say that I just let the kids go around barefoot in the snow. I just couldn’t seem to keep socks on their feet. I’d put them on and less than half an hour later they would have them off. Actually, the older kids still do that. What is it that kids of all ages have against socks?

One morning last week Little Guy was fussing and I was rocking him. I glanced down at his bare feet and I could practically hear my Mom’s voice saying, “It’s because his feet are cold!” Remembering that brought tears to my eyes. And so, I keep finding the socks he kicks off and putting them back on his feet. Every time I do, I think about Mom.