Chocolate is one of those flavors that can be hard to do in a tea blend. I want the chocolate flavor strong enough to taste, but not so strong that it’s overpowering. It’s also important that the chocolate flavor not taste too much like a flavoring extract, which ruins the cup of tea in my opinion.

I first tried the Adagio Chocolate Truffle blend in a sample size. It was so good that I quickly ordered a full bag! The chocolates comes through nicely, but it doesn’t overpower the black tea. The flavor is smooth overall, without even a hint of the flavoring extract aftertaste that I dislike. While I’ve liked any of the Adagio Teas chocolate blends that I’ve tried previously, this one is my new favorite and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good chocolate flavored black tea. It’s available in teabags or as loose leaf tea.

If you’ve not tried brewing loose leaf tea, then you definitely must! Loose leaf tea tends to have a better flavor profile, you’re skipping the extra waste created by the tea bag packaging, and it tends to be a better value. I do still use teabags, particularly when traveling, but I still prefer my loose leaf tea and infusers whenever possible!

What’s your current favorite tea blend? Let me know in the comments so that I can add it to my list of teas to try!