Another week, another story! This one was inspired by a recent campfire enjoyed by Aaron and me and a very dear friend of ours. We were trying to remember scary campfire stories, without much success. So, we invented our own, and this was the result. A bit of artistic embellishment and this is the finished product. It’s best enjoyed sitting around a campfire on a dark night…

“Terror From the Swamp”

The swamp was inhabited by any number of animals, most of them fairly small and harmless. But there were whispers… Stories told of a creature who lurks… waiting… and none who’ve seen it have ever been heard from again…

Frogs and peepers chirped happily in the early spring air. It was unseasonably warm, and everyone was taking advantage of that fact, not just the frogs! Three young people sat around a small campfire not far from the pond. They were talking, laughing and dousing the fire with lighter fluid whenever the flames died down. It was obvious that they had sat around many campfires together over the years, and there was nothing about this one that was particularly unusual. At least, not until the frogs fell quiet…

An eerie silence lingered over the pond, as if every frog and peeper held their breath in fear. It slipped into the water soundlessly, creating barely a ripple.

“That’s weird,” one of the young man commented.

“What’s weird?” the lone girl asked.

“The frogs are quiet,” was his reply.

The second young man reached for a flashlight, “Did you hear that?”

“What?” the girl nervously asked.

“There’s something in the water.”

Shining the flashlight across the surface of the pond they saw nothing.

Clicking the light back off he shrugged, “Probably just a coyote out for a drink. He won’t bother us up here.”

They resumed their conversation.

It emerged from the water and crept away from the pond. The frogs breathed an almost audible sigh of relief and resumed their evening song.

“See, the frogs are back! It was nothing,” one of them reassured the still-nervous girl.

The unseen creature slithered closer to the campfire, and dinner…

Come morning, only a smoldering pile of ashes remained of the roaring campfire. And the three friends have never been heard from again…